3PL Provider

3PL Provider: experienced workers for your warehouse

There are not too many 3PL providers in Belgium. But at LIS, that’s what we’ve been doing for years. Not only do we employ flexible workers, we also provide experienced supervisors.

At LIS, we know better than anyone how much work you put into planning and implementing the flow of goods in your company. But sometimes there is a need for reinforcement. To avoid a hole in the production line. Sometimes it is necessary to step up a gear…

When there is a difference between the planning and the predictions. When the capacity has to increase or when surplus stocks remain in your warehouse. You acknowledge the importance of your integrated chain management. So do we.

What is 3PL ?

3PL or third party logistics was created when the competition increased and the market became more dynamic for the shipping and transport companies. Instead of investing in all the necessary elements to meet the transport needs, more and more external parties (so calles third parties) were used for the implementation of the various logistics activities. As a result, the transporter retains control of the logistics concept but operational and/or tactical activities are outsourced to the 3PL providers.

LIS is a 3PL provider

LIS is also a 3PL provider. We not only provide the flexible manpower for the shop floor, but we also take over the daily management by making our Supervisors and Operations Managers available to our customers. Please contact us for more information.

Advantages of 3PL Logistics

Cost and time savings: Logistics is the core competence of third-party logistics providers. Providers may have better related knowledge and greater expertise than the producing or selling company, and may also have more global networks enabling greater time and cost efficiencies. 3PL providers must continue to invest to meet customer demand, something that producing or selling companies do not always have the opportunity to do.

Focus: Logistics outsourcing allows companies with limited logistics expertise to focus on their core business. Increasing complexity in business suggests that companies benefit from not devoting resources to areas in which they are not skilled.

Flexibility: 3PL providers are perfect for dealing with a temporary shortage of capacity without permanent investments of which the feasibility has not yet been assessed. This enables companies to manage their resources, including the number of employees, in a more predictable way and to convert fixed costs into variable costs.

Are you looking for a 3PL provider ?

Download our brochure here!

Experienced managers

Together, our managers have more than 65 years of experience in the logistics sector.
With so much experience under one roof, it is hardly necessary to state that we are a highly skilled team in the logistics sector.

leidingevende lis bvba - Yannick Horemans
leidingevende lis bvba - Remi Halffman
leidingevende lis bvba - Kevin Verlinden
leidingevende lis bvba - Hein Beyens
leidingevende lis bvba
icoon ervaring


We have experience with the intricacies of the supply chain. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry is incredibly useful.

Benefits include a higher service level, reduced fulfillment rates, a better turnaround time and trained staff.

icoon werksfeer

Atmosphere and work attitude

The number one on our list of top strengths is undoubtedly a social family atmosphere! Our company appreciates people for who they are and what they do. 

Together, we are constantly looking for ways and methods to bring out the best in everyone.

icoon flexibiliteit


Our people are willing to travel to the project where they can be at their most effective.

During leave or in the case of illness or high workloads, they switch between the various projects

icoon dynamiek


Our people work hard, and understand that having a job in Belgium raises your standard of living, and that you have to roll up your sleeves for this. 

They are proof that there are still enough people in Flanders who are willing to work at motivating conditions.

Our customers

Integrated logistics services with experienced warehousemen

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