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Integrated logistics services with experienced warehousemen

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You want to tackle busy periods or defined projects with experienced logistics staff

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You want to reduce the fixed salary cost in order to achieve a more variable cost structure


You wish to replace insufficiently involved temporary manpower by highly motivated workers with excellent know-how


You want to increase the productivity and quality in your warehouse on a daily basis

Call on our outsourcing services

Our unique goal: we provide companies that are facing a (temporary) shortage of staff with highly motivated employees with many years of experience in logistics, who enjoyed a perfect training, as it were, ‘on the shop floor’.


Logistics Integrated Services

Our company name is clear:

  • an integrated (in-house at the customer)
  • logistics (only within the scope of this sector)
  • service provision (added value, for example, order picking, reaching and unloading in bulk).

Benefit from the added value our supervisors provide free of charge by thinking along with you.



As logistics is still dangling at the end of the supply chain, and many people still consider it as a “necessary evil”, even outsourcing is sometimes considered.

Over the years, LIS has acquired practical specialist experience in order picking, forwarding (loading and unloading), receiving (+sorting and pointing), and, in particular, unloading goods in BULK. We initially think of unloading containers, but this also applies to trucks.

Consultancy in terms of “thinking along with the customer and how we could solve his problem together” is thereby provided free of charge.

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